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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Smart Lawyer

There are lawyers who are gathering evidence for cases. They do not know when the case will be presented. Others see this lawyers as being busy with something unnecessary. Instead they are busy talking and immersing themselves in the luxuries and entertainments of this world; they are not concerned about the court case.

Some of them doubt that the case will come to court and some of them deny it outright. The lawyers that are awake are busy preparing their cases. Ready for the time when they will present their case because they know once the day arrives they will not be able to ask for more time. They have to be ready at that moment and whatever they have prepared will have to be enough. They know that they cannot be foolish, in what they do. They have to check all the evidence, making sure that weaknesses have been made up for, all the dues are paid and the accounts are clear of wrongdoing.

You see the judge is not just any judge; he is the Judge of judges. Who is this and what does it mean?

It means that the lawyer is you and the Judge is Allah (Mighty and Majestic) and you are preparing your case to be presented to him.

We should be busy preparing our case and be ready to present our case, which is our actions. When the time comes we cannot ask for more time because we have had enough time. We have been asleep thinking about other things and have not really been bothered about our case. We must be our own worst enemies because we want ourselves to suffer. Do you really want to suffer?

So prepare for the afterlife with actions of devotion, pay off all your debts, make friends of old enemies and lighten the load of your sins so you can weight down the scales with righteous not evil actions.

Be smart lawyers...

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