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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Habib Umar ibn Hafiz

Dowra 2007

Part six


People should not boast about anything

Why are you boasting about a mosquito wing? All of what you have is less than the worth of the mosquito wing

You are boasting until you visit the grave

The value of someone is in what they are good at

The sources of boast are manners and knowledge

Most people are children, even if they are young or old

Even if they boast about their lineage this is just about earth and water

Don’t put clothes on a small child, that are like the clothes of people who oppress and don’t make them buy something that they will harm their neighbours with – expensive bike, toys

The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “If you buy fruit, bring it into your home secretly or gift some to your neighbours.”

Don’t be a child whether you are young or old

Nothing is worthy of boast is Taqwa - piety

Don’t speak indecently, speech with is not appropriate, do not cursing others

Cursing means to banish, removing people from Allah’s mercy

The only who is out of Allah mercy is the one who received the message, rejected it and died

It is not permissible to curse anyone except if the have died upon disbelief or someone we have text that allows us

Why would you waste time cursing the devil? Praise Allah and you will be rewarded

Say Alhumdillah fills the scales

Don’t be someone who curses him openly and follows him secretly

Its better for you to refuse him

Keep your tongue busy – make it virtuous

Its better to keep your month closed

There are two sets of speech one is rewarded and one is punished

Do not lie, it’s a grave matter and it leads to corruption – it darkens the face in this word and the next

Don’t swear an Oath don’t say Wallah – I swear by Allah (or by the Quran)

Imam Shafi, said, “I never swore by Allah whether I was telling the truth or lying.”

Avoid theft and treacherousness

Children should be taught how stealing is bad, if small matters are overlooked then they will get worse when they grow up

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) was about to punish a persons for stealing, the man said, “O’ Prince of the believers, forgive me this is the first time that I have stolen.” Umar said, “Allah does no not disgrace the servant for the first time, you have done it before.”

Stealing is disgrace in this world and the next

Never betray anyone

Don’t looking in their bag, room or house without permission

Leave their secrets don’t expose them, treacherousness

When someone looks around, he is giving you a secret

Don’t betray someone who betrayed you

Safety is in truthfulness

Work for your afterlife as you are going to die tomorrow and work for the dunya as if you are going to life forever - This means put of the dunya because you will not miss anything from it

Be avid about starting the prayer with the Imam

Greed is a type of insanity

Contentment is comfort and ease

The only thing a slave should be greed about is Allah, they should have a desire for Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala

When you take something with contentment it is blessed

Something taken in greed brings unease

Protect oneself from debate and see the merit in silence

You don’t curse women who are unclothed because you don’t know their end

Someone asked the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) teach me something that if I do Allah and the people will love me, He said, “Abstain from the world, Allah will love you, abstain from what people have, the people will love you.”

If someone curses someone it goes to heaven and then comes down to that person if it doesn’t stick to them and returns to the person who said it

If a person curses the world, the world says may Allah curse the one who disobeys his lord

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) prohibited people from keeping cursed animals – because they would receive that curse

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “No one filled a worst vessel that the stomach.”

Someone who sleep with his hands are dirty then let him blame himself

He should be eat the same in a group as he is alone

Let him eat what is permissible

People who eat food from that they are not invited, he is eating haram food

Don’t look down on food that is given to them

If a person who knows that they will be pleased if you eat then

Its Sunna to accept an invitation

We have to act upon them

All your deeds are based upon the food that you have taken, much attention must be taken over food

It will be easy for you to worship

Leaving one morsel of food is beloved that worshipping in the night – this is to overcome your desire

The companions used to say, “We don’t know whose sin is worse, someone who looks down in what’s been to them and one looks down on what they have deems
It insignificant to give it to others.”

Servants should be fed from the food that they have brought or cooked

Use the sunnas of eating and drinking

Praise be to God who fed us, quenched our thirst and made us Muslims
Someone who said this, his previous sins were forgiven

Someone should remove the food that is still on their hands – let him wash it before he sleeps – he could be inflicted by something

Its offensive to swallow something that you removed from your teeth until you did it yourself

Filling the stomach with halal is the beginning of evils, how would it be with haram?

The Prophet Yahya (upon him peace) said to the Iblees, “Did you have any keys against me?” “Yes, once you ate extra dinner and were satiated then we made you miss the prayer.” “I will never eat until I am satiated after that.” Iblees said, “I will never give advice to anyone after that.”

Oh strange is the person who eats little with people and a lot at home, they are like show offs in their prayer

Someone who eats laughing is the same as person who eats crying

If the world was purely blood, Allah would keep what kept a believer alive permissible

Don’t give salam to someone who are eating because they might choke returning salams

If your invited its okay, give salam

If you have a good intention then its okay but otherwise avoid

A pious man light a thousand candles for his sons wedding, a man said, “O’ Sheikh maybe you have been excessive, all of these candles, only some would’ve enough.”
“Okay, blow out every candle that I lit for other than Allah.” He tried to blow out the candles and he couldn’t do it to a single one. He said, “Excuse me, I didn’t know your state with Allah, your candles I cannot blow or pat out.”

Ibrahim (upon him peace) once had a polytheist who pronounced the name of his gods over the food, Ibrahim (upon him peace) told him to go away and then Allah revealed to Ibrahim (upon him peace) that, “My slave came and you did not show him hospitably he disbelieves in me and I have not withheld food from him for one day and you cannot feed him for one day?” Ibrahim (upon him peace) called him back and told him he had been reproached by him and the man was amazed, “Your Lord who I reproached you on my account? I believe in him.”

Someone who walks to food that he was not invited to has eaten haram and harmed people

The host should bid the guest farewell

The man who owns the house should lead the prayer

The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to bring what was readily available to his guests

Chapter 44

The reason for clothing is to cover the nakedness and protect oneself from the elements

Sufyan at-Thawri wore some clothes upside down and then he was told he was wearing it upside down – when he found it he refused to put it on the right way because his initial intention was to wear clothes for the sake of Allah, why should he change it for people?

Don’t we wasteful or excessive

Many of the pious would wear a patched garment to copy the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

Habibs father had a tear on the back of his clothes, he said I don’t see it – in other words it didn’t concern him

The various aspects that are followed are to emulate those who preceded them

O’Allah do not make us weapons that will make us enemies to the nations and free us from servitude from other than you.

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