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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The way of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

A poem

The way of Shiekh Muhammad is the way of beauty and openness.

A way that is attractive and delightful for the soul and the mind.

He is an embodiment of the prophetic practice which is itself explained in the way of the ulema/scholars.

He is unlike other scholars in the humility he possesses, that those lower than his rank could never achieve.

He is someone who teaches and comes to the people like a bright star bathing them in the light of sainthood that even the blind can see.

He is like a kind father with his students, praying for them before his children. He does not waste his time refuting, as so many others do, instead he teaches thus using his time to the optimum.

Sheikh Muhammad comes into our lives like a ray of hope in the darkness of our formulaic existances to spread some of the light that engulfs him. Directly from the blessed land of Syria.

Some did not understand what Islam meant until they took the testimony of Islam with him. For others it was when they heard him, did they realise that it was he who they had been looking for.

Never afraid to stand up for the truth as others chose different methods he is there giving advice. Who else can do what he can?

To stand on the shores of oppression and injustice calling for peace is not something we could all do, those who do risk their lives.

Those who follow him realise his way and his methods. He welcomes all to dine at the meal of the spiritual path. Do you chose to eat or do you choose to flee?

He never indoctrinates, like so many do, he teaches the right way as indoctrination is ugly and what we have fled from.

How untruthful those are who pretend to follow his path yet hanker to sinful behaviour, your new repentance is not something that you should take lightly.

His is the way of truth and the way that his students should desire to follow. Other paths are open destruction, full of worldly passions that snatch one from the path.

So if you are serious then keep moving with your awrad. Your oath is for Allah and is to be taken seriously.

Why should you listen to any other scholar other than your own? Listen to the words of your teacher, he is your sheikh.

Take as much benefit from his as you can.

His tongue refrains from any words of abuse or harm so your tongue should follow. If you truly follow the way of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi...

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