Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Disputations

Part Eleven

1. Advice about the Nafs; When you find yourself commanded by it then ponder these points:
a. If it commands to evil avoid it; b. If it commands to goodness hasten to it.

2. No journey is complete without potholes.

3. Crawling to your goal is progress.

4. Sometimes repeating yourself is wasting your time.

5. You have free will in what you know and no free will in what you don't know - Sheikh Abul Aizaym (may Allah show him mercy).

6. There are times when you have to stand against your own people because whats wrong is wrong. You cannot hide the truth.

7. Rest when the day is done and not when you are just getting started.

8. If you were always happy in the Dunya then you would not want to leave it.

9. Celebrating the mawlid is about being happy that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) was sent to guide you and if you are not happy about that, then what else would make you happy?

10. Nothing like love and hate can lead someone to extremism.

11. No people with iman/faith in their heart are ordinary with Allah (the Exalted).

12. The loin of the gate is now worse than the killers who invaded with terror, well done lion you have made the hypocrites look good.

13. The foolish Murid thinks he can change the Sheikh which means he is worse than fair weathered friend.

14. The true Murid is changed by the Sheikh.

15. Fanatic sects have exclusive membership and the true believers have membership that is open to all.

16. Every Muslim has his own struggle.

17. What other people wear does not have a bearing on your religious level.

18. Controlling your mouth is the key to success.

19. The brainwashing of western culture has worked if you think they are going to interfere with a countries problem...

20. Why are you afraid to speak the truth?

21. Sharing means increasing not deceasing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Miracle of Circumcision

Dialogue with Sheikh Muhammad Amin Sheiko and Sir John G Bennet

This is an extract from an unpublished work called Sources of Spring, which Sheikh Atabek Shukurov gave us permission to quote, in which there was a dialogue between the above mentioned names. Sheikh Muhammad Amin 1890-1964 was a known wali and a scholar and Sir John G Bennet was looking for answers. Please note the Sheikh made the following statement before modern studies in biology so this is a miracle of one of the Awilya.

Sir John Bennet asked:
“If God is perfect, why did He create the foreskin which covers the tip of the penis and ordered us to cut it? This causes acute dermatitis. The question relates to the circumcision of the children. Why has God created this extra skin which has no function, and why has He ordered us to cut it? If it has a function what for is the circumcision? If it has no function why did He create it? Where is the Godly perfection?”

Sheikh Muhammad Amin Sheiko answered:
It is well known that the human body consists of flesh, bones and nerves. It is also known that the nervous person`s body does not grow well healthy, and he always remains thin, even if he eats such a lot of food, and increases the number of daily diets.
The embryo in the female`s womb remains in a critical stage in the nine months, because it is in the critical vital forming stage. Since the skin of the penis is a gathering place of very sensitive nerves, it is affected by any friction which causes a general alertness of the nerves in the whole body. As the place of the embryo in the womb is narrow, to suit the embryo`s size, the embryo is always bent and turned up and its movement increases in the last months.
This movement excites the nerves of the skin of the penis, thus the growth of the embryo is hampered because the movements destroy the cells, or leads to a weakness in growth.
So this skin protects this sensitive area from being affected by any shock which causes friction when the embryo moves in the womb, and by that the body attains its safety and perfection. Exactly as a thermos keeps its contents isolated from the outer factors.
After the birth, he enters a new type of life different from his previous one. He is now stretched and there is no friction with the nerves of the skin of the penis.
This skin becomes extra and it should be cut because it exists in a glandular area where infection can take place and where dirt and germs may gather under the skin causing acute dermatitis, and infection.
God created the foreskin when the embryo was in the womb of its mother because this organ which Almighty God has made, as an exit for the urine, has made it also, because of its other function composed of a tissue of nervous tissue interconnected deliberately.
Since the end of this organ which is called a skin is very sensitive. If it was exposed to a friction with anything, then that friction will lead to a nervous stress leading to a general stress in the nervous system. It is taken for granted that this stress and sensation will result in a decrease in growth. Because of that, it is necessary, for the growth of the embryo in his mother`s womb and its completeness, to have a membrane which prevents the head of that organ from what might be in touch or in friction with during the consecutive movement of the embryo in his mother`s womb.
Thus growth is natural and the embryo is born with sound health and body.

Let us now speak about circumcision after birth:

When the embryo is born and his body`s systems begin to function and the urinary passage begins to do its task, there may be some mold scratch or pathological symptoms, therefore, God the Almighty orders circumcision to protect the body from such troubles.
Therefore, the existence of the skin is necessary for the embryo while it is in its mother`s womb, It denotes the perfection of creation and the marvelous divine discipline. It’s cutting after birth and existing in life is necessary and a mercy from God to man.

Pages 66-70 ,75-76

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If the people Syria are corrupt then there is no good in you

After much tempting the below hadith scared me into action and we now wish to make up for lost time.

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلام (إذا فسد أهل الشام فلا خير فيكم، ولا تزال طائفة من أمتي منصورين لا يضرهم من خذلهم حتى تقوم الساعة)) حسن صحيح: الترمذي 2192

The Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessing upon him) said, “If the people of Syria are corrupt then there is no good in you. A party of my nation will be victorious and be unharmed by those who oppose them until the day of judgement.” At-Tirmidhi.

The Hadith could mean if the people of Shaam are corrupt then there is no good in us or when the people of Shaam are corrupt then there is no good in us. So it could mean we are the cause of the loss of goodness or it could be because we have allowed Shaam to be corrupted. Either way it is very scary. 

As you know well I detest commentary on politics because it is the description of the worst actions of men. In the past it was something noble and at times it something honourable and this is especially true when you look at certain periods of Islamic rule.

Yet if we take a glance into the political arena, that is the Muslim world today, we see that which we do not wish to see. We see the unworthy ruling over those who are more worthy than them. There are many injustices that occur in the Muslim world which are simply unjustifiable. Some countries are worse than others but on the whole most countries are a real mess, with some notable exceptions.

One of the main reasons for the growing discontentment in Muslim countries is the absolute corruption of government agencies. Most of the counties have post colonial systems in place that cannot be removed. Or it might not be willing to remove because they are getting a tidy sum in the form of ‘foreign’ aid. Muslim countries have yet to re-establish the Islamic way of life that was present in a time gone by. So we are stuck in systems that the people themselves reject and are tired of. In many ways corruption is visible here and in other countries it’s invisible so we do think it does not exist.

Syria was one of the safest places in the world before the current uprising. The uprising was something that many of us thought not possible. I did not know anyone who was Syrian who did not have a good opinion of the present leader. Yes, they did not like the ‘mukhabarat’ – secret police – but most of them put up with it. Injustices did occur but as long as you did not criticise the government then you were very safe! Although politics is a taboo subject in many Muslim countries, for this reason. 

The government reprisals for the current uprising is something that is nothing sort of horrific. Never in my worst nightmares would I have thought that massacres of children would occur. There is something deeply disturbing; the massacre of innocent children and women. It is nothing sort of repugnant and an outrage against humanity and not just Islam. Moreover we live in a time were this sort of thing is occurring in different places of the world but by Muslims on Muslims? This cannot be true. Yet this is true and the last time this occurred was the Wahabi massacre of the inhabitants of Mecca and Medina in 1900’s. A fact that this sect denies and I wonder if the slain would agree.

This has some similarity because the ruling party of Bashar Al-Assad is from the alawite Shia group. So to that extent would they care if they killed Sunni’s? No, they would not they would enjoy it like the wahabi’s did all those years ago.

Syria still is a Sunni dominated country but has been ruled over by the minority since 1970. Assad like many leaders before will not go quietly into the night. He will fight until the last man. Arab leaders do not leave their posts unless it is in a box. Many are hoping that the latter will come sooner rather than later.

His brother Maher is brigadier general in the army and in 2008 it was he who put down a rebellion in Saidayna prison with brute force. Reports and a YouTube video show someone taking pictures of dead bodies. It is he who is in charge of putting down this ‘rebellion’ which he is doing with the same brute force against unarmed innocent civilians.

The death toll is reaching the thousands and children are a significant number of those innocent that have been killed it this unnecessary, unjust act of oppression against innocent civilians who wish to live in a country where they are free from corruption; without the chains of a radical Shia group over them.

Let us not forget the Alawaite shia’s are the last communist party standing, in the Arab world, after its friend Saddam was killed a few years ago. We are of course referring to the Ba’ath party which is now on its last legs. So because of that Russia and China are quietly supporting them. The former are supporting them with weapons and let us not forget that the Russians are no friend of the Muslims so they do not care if they are killed. 

Is there a solution to this problem? Well I wish I could say the Muslims would clean up their own backyard but this cannot be done. As many of our leaders are too bothered about their own positions than to speak out or even criticise the Syrian regime. It might be left to the UN to impose sanctions as there is no oil that cannot entice anyone to invade.

If you think that the west are going to save the day then you have been successfully brainwashed by the 'force for peace' that has 800 military bases in 150 countries.

Regime change can only come on the ground. That is beyond our control but we pray that those who are oppressed in the world are given relief from their difficulties.  This is a symotym of western interference in the Muslim world that we are still suffering the consequences decades later. After colonial periods ceased its policies remained and they are unable to remove them. So in one respect the mess of the Muslim world is a direct after effect of the foreign interference. But at the same time lets not forget that the Muslim countries have themselves not done enough to rectify the situation.  

In the mean time the people need your supplication and any aid you can offer. Please see the links below:

Those working on the ground

A fundraiser

Syria is also the place for the Abdal of the Awliya who are known as the elite Men of Allah. One of these is enough to finish any oppressor. 

Hajjaj was a known oppressor in the early period of Islam he killed companions of the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) over the pretext of power. But that changed when one the righteous successors was brought before him, a man called Sa’id ibn Jubayr (may Allah be pleased with him). Hajjaj gave the order to kill him and Sa’id told him that he should not do that. Hajjaj retorted and said he had killed better than him. Sa’id said, “Yes you have but they forgave you; I won’t forgive you,” undeterred Hajjaj killed him and the next day he woke from a nightmare screaming, ‘Sa’id has killed me.’ He was dead within two weeks.

One of the Awliya is enough to finish off the entire regime yet they are patient in this time.  So this is a lesson for us to learn. Please do what you can to help because there is much good in the Muslims that we have to offer our brothers and sisters. Perhaps this is the victorious party that is present and who are unharmed by those who oppose them. The Awilya hide in this time so know that well. When we see people suffer we should put ourselves into their place and then we shall know what we have to do.

Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad

Resisting Sexual desire